The Scottish Interplanetary Society

Out of the shadows

For many years the Scottish Interplanetary Society has operated not exactly secretly but certainly avoiding any unwanted attention or publicity.

Following recent events and the increasing efforts of the johnsonites to erase the memory of the programme from history, this must now end; the society must now do at least some of its work in public.

We hope that our initial presence here will be considerably extended in the near future.

The past

Since the formation of the society in the dying days of the programme, its members have been aware that dark forces were at work, whose aim was initially to liquidate the programme, and later to obliterate its memory. For that reason we have operated somewhat surreptitiously: keeping our activities hidden from those who seek to destroy us. Until very recently the society has made almost no use of electronic media or modern computing systems, as we felt, with good reason, that such systems were extremely vulnerable to infiltration.

The present: from late May, 2022

For some time we have worked on a facility to partition the assets and information we hold, so that we could make use of modern computing systems while ensuring that critical assets remain secure. Good progress has been made on this, and we now feel able to embark on a more public presence, while still ensuring the safety both of our assets and members.

Recent events have confirmed that doing this is now urgent. The dark forces which were responsible for the liquidation of the programme and many later efforts to destroy its memory now have concrete form: the johnsonites. With their flag-waving English nationalism and increasingly authoritarian direction they are now working to invent a new history in which the programme never was. This must be resisted, at any cost: the johnsonites, if unopposed, will lead us to a fascist English state, to the erasure of the programme from history, and to the deaths of all those who work for the society.

Indeed, one of our members has very recently experienced where this leads: it appears that the johnsonites are now conducting military operations, using both heavy armoured vehicles and what seem to be Russian mercenaries, in order to suppress the society's investigations and degrade one of the principal sites of the programme beyond further use. One of the last reports from the member concerned states that that the johnsonites have used VX. At present we do not know the location of the member involved in these events, or even whether he survived: we must hope he did. The johnsonites simply cannot be allowed to continue, and this makes our long-considered plans now urgent.

We have also, very recently, made some discoveries which, while currently tentative, have extraordinary implications if they are confirmed. Of course, these discoveries are almost certainly not unrelated to the redoubled efforts of the johnsonites to suppress knowledge of the project. Again, this makes our plans urgent.

The future

We can not know what the future holds: if those strange others who now lend us their assistance know they do not say. For humanity the future now seems very dark: and darker yet if the johnsonites continue unopposed. The programme remains a brilliant point of light in recent history, and we are determined that its memory will not fade. Indeed, if our recent discoveries are borne out, the programme may yet give us hope for a better future. We still have hope in the programme's motto: per alba ad astra.


We offer our gratitude to those who worked on the programme, to members of the society who have gone before us, to those others who assisted them in their researches and we believe continue to assist us today. Most of all we offer our gratitude to those men, women and others who gave their lives for the programme and for the cause of the society. This site is dedicated to their memory.