Excerpts from the journal and related papers

The society's journal contains extremely sensitive information and is therefore not public and never will be so. We reproduce here some articles which have either appeared in the journal or have been submitted to it by members. The publication status is indicated.


Tube Alloys and its progeny: a partial history
published. A history for the general reader of the UK's wartime work on nuclear weapons, its relation to the work in the US and how the programme arose from it. Redacted for general publication.


Preliminary investigation of a fuel production facility
published. A report of an exploration into the programme's pilot fuel production facility. Redacted for general publication.
Surface images, May 2022
published. A series of striking reports from a member's explorations of the one of the programme's principal sites, made in early May, 2022.


Why we must fight, November 1970
historical. The founding document of the society.


These excerpts are a work-in-progress: more will appear over time, generally not in chronological order.

Where an article has been published in the journal, the society takes responsibility for its content. Where an article has either not yet been published or has been rejected the responsibility for the content lies with the author or authors.